Christmas Selections

Written by lcm

Here comes another Christmas and we are excited as always to provide you with some of the best traditional cheese for your cheeseboards, boxing day sandwiches, party's and gifts.

We have put together a few options for you to choose from. The cheeses in these selections best represents what we think is tasting good at this time of year and will cater for a wide range of preferences. Whether you choose one of our pre made boxes or put together your own bespoke selection, all cheese will be cut and wrapped to order to ensure best quality.

If you would prefer to make up your own bespoke order or need some additional items to one of our selections we would be happy to help you. This is best done over the phone with one of our experienced Mongers so we can make sure your requirements are met with the best option for you.

When deciding how much cheese to buy we would recommend roughly 100 to 150 grams per person after dinner, and a bit more if cheese is the focus of the meal. Please state whether your order is a gift so we can package accordingly.

Classic                              Sheep & Goat

300g x Colston Bassett Stilton                        250g x Ossau Iraty

285g x Kirkham’s Lancashire                          330g x Roquefort

300g x Comte                                                  1 x Perail

1 x Camembert                                                1 x Sinodun Hill

1 x Brown Bread Crackers                               1 x Brown Bread Crackers

1 x Pear, Date & Ale Chutney                          150g x Quince Paste

£45 (weights approximate)                               £60 (weights approximate)

Monger’s Choice               Mountain

300g x Gruyere du Jura                                   500g x Gruyere du Jura

300g Colston Bassett Stilton                           1 x Vacherin Mont D’or 500g

200g Baron Bigod                                          1 x Jurançon Wine 75cl

1 x Innes Log/Brick                                        £70 (weights approximate)

1 x Brown Bread Crackers

1 x Pear, Date & Ale Chutney

£55 (weights approximate)

Standard UK Mail deilvery charge is £8 and will be added to your order. You will recieve your order on Friday Decemebr 21st and must provide an alternative location to leave your cheese in the event you are not in to recieve delivery. Other delivery options and dates are available and will be charged according to size and weight.

Once your cheese arrives, simply unpack the box and check that everything is in order. Please contact us imediately if there is anything missing or dammaged. Keep your cheese cool untill a few hours before it is to be served.

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