We Are Hiring!

Written by Rachel Howe

We are looking for both full and part-time cheesemongers to join the team. Read on for more information...

A cheesemongers role is to care for, work with, taste and sell cheese. We handle cheeses from 45kg wheels of Parmesan to 40g Provencial goat’s cheese. It is very physical, interactive work that changes every day. Eating cheese is a pivotal part of being a cheesemonger – if you don’t love cheese, it’s not the job for you!

The environment that we work in requires frequent and extensive cleaning and maintenance, this is another very important part of the job.

We provide a specialist service to our customers. They can trust us to stock excellent cheese in absolute peak condition and sell it in a knowledgable, informative way and always with a taste.

We provide full training for all staff.


In terms of experience, we don’t ask for much… You must love food and have a passion for cheese. We don’t necesarily require any previous relevant experience, but you must be prepared to eat, learn and work hard.

We are looking for someone that wants to help us grow our business and be a part of our excitign plans for the future.


Why be a Cheesemonger?

The simple answer is: you get to eat cheese for a living. If you love cheese and produce, there is so much to learn – the world of cheese is ever expanding and our role as cheesemongers are constantly evolving. It is tactile and interesting, you gain a wealth of skills and understanding that you never knew you needed. And. A nice discount on cheese and wine.

Please send your CV and a cover letter explianing a bit about why you’d like to become a cheesemonger to hello@londoncheesemongers.co.uk

Job Types: Full-time, Part-Time – Permanent

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