Colston Bassett Stilton

Perhaps the King of Festive Cheeses...

We have selected this special recipe Colston Bassett Stilton for it’s silky paste and perfect balance of blueing. It is no simple feat to make a cheese this good. At Colston Bassett Dairy in Nottinghamshire, Billy Kevan and team work with a small cooperative of farmers to ensure they are getting excellent milk from their local area. The cheesemaking process is long and laborious with particular emphasis put on the hand-ladling of the curds. This gentle handling is what gives the cheese it’s beautifully smooth texture. The cheese is then pierced in stages, over several days, allowing the blue mould to be introduced slowly and develop a flavour that compliments the cheese, rather than dominating it. Though Colston Bassett Dairy usually use a vegetarian rennet to coagulate their milk, for this recipe they use an animal rennet in keeping with the traditional method of cheesemaking.

Colston Bassett Stilton is made using pasteurised cow’s milk and traditional animal rennet, by Billy Kevan and team in Nottinghamshire.

You can pre-order your cheese for collection any day (subject to availability). We are closed from 2pm on 24th December and re-open on Saturday 28th. All mail order cheese will be sent out on the 18th December for next day delivery at a charge of £8. Please get all your mail orders in by the 17th December! You can order your cheese by phone, email or by popping in to the shop.

Selection Includes

We offer a discount off of the kilo price when purchasing a whole, half or quarter cheese.


Whole Colston Bassett Stilton (8kg)          £200

Half Colston Bassett Stilton (4kg)          £100

Quarter Colston Bassett Stilton (2kg)          £50

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