Monger’s Selection

This box is for those that are happy to put their trust in the cheesemonger... a slight variation on the classics that we think you'll be pleasantly suprised by.

The Monger’s Selection is essentially what we’ll be taking home for Christmas this year; our pick of the best cheese on the counter. Though we are firm believers in the festive staples, our experience (eating loads of cheese) and knowledge (eating loads of cheese) has lead us to a few alternatives that we’d love to introduce you to.

Our Gruyere du Jura is a favourite of mongers and customers alike. The cheese that launched the business shows no signs of slipping from its pedestal. They are exactly what you want from Gruyere; the fine balance of sweet and savoury with a slight crunch. For a blue cheese, we encourage you to try Stichelton, made with raw milk from their own herd of cows, on the Wellbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. Joe Schneider and the team use a traditional Stilton recipe and process to make this cheese, including a gentle ladling of the curds that produces the silkiest of pastes. To complete the picture, we have opted for Baron Bigon, a Brie de Meaux recipe cheese made in Suffolk. Johnny and Dulcie at Fen Farm Dairy are real advocates of raw milk – they sell their own from the farm and make a delicious raw butter (also in store). We like Baron Bigod with a slightly chalky centre and a gentle breakdown just under the rind to bring out those buttery, vegetal notes. It’s a great time for goat’s cheese and we’ve been really enjoiyng the Brightwell Ash. Made in Oxfordshire with raw goat’s milk and a vegetarian rennet, they are bright and salty. Another monger’s must-have is Sri-Lankan Banana chutney (trust us) and a packet of Sourdough crispbreads.

This box contains roughly 1kg of cheese, enough for 8-10 people in one sitting or a family of four over a couple of days.


Selection Includes

  • Gruyere du Jura
  • Stichelton
  • Baron Bigod
  • Brightwell Ash
  • Sourdough Crispbreads
  • Banana Chutney
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