Natural Wine

Alongside our carefully selected range of cheese, we have built a small but perfectly formed collection of natural wines and beers...

We approach our wine selection in exactly the same way that we seek out the best cheeses that we can find. Firstly, it has to taste delicious. In hand with that, goes the processes and production of the wine. Producers using grapes from their own vines, working with the terroir and with as little intervention as possible. This means the grapes are chosen to suit the land they grown on and so the wine is a true reflection of that. No interference is needed. Much like traditionally made, raw milk cheeses. This is how, without any real intention to do so, we have ended up with exclusively natural, often biodynamic wines. As with the cheese, our range of wines change with our tastes and the seasons.

We have a small range, usually around 30 or so, covering reds, whites, pinks, skin contact and fizz. As they are natural wines, they can be a little more interesting in terms of both flavour and texture. We find this really exciting and a joy to pair with cheese. For us, that’s what it’s all about. The wines on our shelves got there because we like to drink them and they are excellent in accompaniment with the cheese on the counter. Some are great all rounders, others are a little more jazzy and contemplative. All are delicious.

With the beers, we keep it simple. Our small selection comes from our friends at The Kernel Brewery in Bermondsey. They are the pioneers of the craft beer movement and, in our humble opinion, still the best at what they do.

For more information on the wines and beers we currently have on the shelves, pop in to the shop or give us a call. We’ll be happy to chew your ear off about our favourites and give you a bit of advice, should you want it.


Selection Includes

  • Natural wines
  • Fortified wine
  • Beers from The Kernel Brewery
  • Townsend Apple juice
Starting from £3.15
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